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40 Years of Expertise on Aviation Weather

It all started with a single Automated Weather Observation Station (AWOS) in 1975, with all of its memory on a magnetic tape unit, and the executables squeezed into the RAM-memory of the minicomputer. Today, forty years later, Vaisala has designed and perfected solutions that touch nearly every breadth of weather and aviation. Weather and aviation go hand and hand; and thus, weather observations are always important to airport and aviation operations. Partnering with Vaisala means that you have the support of a weather company that offers a wide variety of technologies, and in many of our weather sciences, is considered around the world as the authority on meteorology.

Vaisala provides 24/7 solutions to enhance your airport operations. Almost all airports are impacted at some point during the year by severe weather. Vaisala can help you manage disruptions from lightning, wind shear, and flooded runways. Winter weather in the form of snow or ice can really impact aviation, and tools that make decision making easier and less stressful are key to improving your airport. Click on one of the operational patches above to learn more about three distinct areas of Vaisala aviation solutions.

In forty years of providing cutting edge aviation weather solutions we have learned that accuracy, reliability, and providing tools that offer a true return on your investment are key to being your partner in aviation.

When you think of weather - think of Vaisala!